Sunday, April 26, 2009

Weekend Progress

I did not get a lot of pictures of what all was finished yesterday. I intended to go out there this afternoon, but ended up home sick today. Here are a couple of pics I took around 5:00 yesterday.
The last of the felt going we just need to shingle.

Windows and doors went in.

Garage door almost finished!

They worked till after dark yesterday. I know a lot more was done, but this was all I had pictures of! I will try to go by tomorrow and take more.

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Lisa said...

Very nice! I need to let my husband see this! He is not very handy when it comes to this type of work, but he wants a garage just like this. He tries and has been able to do things he thought he never could! Way to go Scott! Of course he could not have done it with your help and encouragement Amanda. I prayed for your house to sell this am. All in God's time.