Monday, April 20, 2009

Beach Bathroom

Ever since we have been talking about building our new house, B has said that he wants his bathroom to be a beach bathroom. He wants shells and sailboats....and he wants it to be blue.

So today when I saw this picture over at the Inspired Room, I knew it must be filed away in my idea folder for B's beach bathroom.

Isn't it great!?! I love this blue cabinet! How cool would it be to find an old bathroom cabinet at a Goodwill and paint it this beautiful blue color!

When I showed this picture to B, he liked the blue cabinet...but quickly added that he did not like the bucket as a sink!


Lisa said...

Love it! We have a beach themed bathroom. . . it is a must since we live right here at the beach. Great way to diplay and decorate with all our sea shells!

Amanda said...

Lisa, I bet you do have a lot of great things to disply from your beach are so lucky living so close :)