Friday, February 27, 2009

The Walls are Up!

It looks like a real building now!!!!

Scot has done a fantastic job on his shed/garage, if I do say so myself!

He could not have done it without the help of our friend, Larry. He has been a huge help! Thanks, Larry!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

We Have Walls!!!

Our friend Larry came and helped Scot with the first few walls. We are so thankful for his help!

They are getting ready to lift the first 8 ft section in place.

Down she goes!

Scot and Larry working on the corner.

He is so excited...can you tell?

It is so exciting to see it coming together!

The Walls are Going Up!

Today, Scot is out at the land building the walls to our long awaited shed/garage.

I still don't really know what to call it ...a shed sounds so small and it is anything BUT small.

A garage sounds like we will be parking our car in it, which we aren't.

This shed/garage combo will be Scot's workshop, a place where he can build things, fix things and store all his tools and garden equipment.

There will also be a "back room" for storage....lots and lots of storage!!! Something we are in desperate need of!

I will update with pictures at the end of his work day be sure to check back!