Saturday, April 4, 2009

Saturday's Projects

Roofing felt and building wrap were projects on Scot's agenda today. Both were not easy projects to do alone. So I helped him a little with the building wrap. (I really did not do much just held the roll while he nailed!)

The felt was not something I was willing to help with (not that Scot even had to ask, I don't think he would want me on the roof either) and I REALLY did not like the idea of him trying to do it alone. Thankfully after doing the first few rows by himself, Larry came and was able to help with the last few.

Is it just me or would you be nervous to let your husband get on a roof to try to do this alone?

You may ask why put on the felt when there are still areas of decking that needs to be installed..good question...the answer is the OSB does not need to continue to be exposed to ALL the rain we have had in the last week. So it is better to have the part that is up covered to protect it from more rain that is due to come in tomorrow.

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