Saturday, May 1, 2010

Inspiration for E's Room

E has known from the beginning that she wants to use the colors brown and lime green in her room. We have been searching for some inspiration to make this a more sophisticated room for my pre-teen!

Check out the lime green bed! It is definitely makes a statement.

Green Headboard with brown and white bedding.

She wants lime green walls. I found this on  the PB Teen website it is called Chic Lime by Benjamin Moore

pic from Pottery Barn Teen 

She also likes the idea of a Brown accent wall.

I am not sure yet which way  we will go regarding the paint. I want to wait and see how much light she will be getting through her window.

How cute is this pillow.

We found a light like this one for $5.00. We just need some crystals for it!

She has always wanted a window seat in her room.  This is something that we will plan for and add to her room later.

I like the idea of open shelves with some closed storage on the bottom.

So what do you think? Does it have the making of a sophisticated pre-teen's room?


Beth said...

Great ideas, E! I am excited to see your finished product. Your Momma talking about her "pre-teens" room makes Miss Beth feel old. :-)

Anonymous said...

Looks beautiful and stylish! We are hoping to build a similar window seat and bookcase with the storage in Olivia's room in the Charlotte house. A wonderful cozy place to curl up for a good read.

Nakia Stewart said...

I love the color brown and it's my favorite. Her room is beautiful and I think that once it's finished, it will be so adorable. It may even give me some ideas for decorating my bedroom.

Mammaw said...

I like the color scheme! I also like the wall color. I'll be looking for things that can go with the colors!