Friday, May 21, 2010

Garden Inspiration

I thought I would show some inspiration pictures of things outside that I want to incorporate in the beautification of the house.

I would love to add a small wooden porch on the side of Scot's garage/shed. 

source Country Living

I love this entry. I want our side porch (which will be used a lot!) to look this gorgeous!

source: Ordinary Miracles

I love this white fence. This is definitely at the top of my wish list for the future!

and this summery (and romantic!)

Isn't this outside sink cool???  Great for the kids to be able to use without having to come inside to clean up
and also a great potting sink!

Source: Country Living


flower said...

very good inspiration.

Ohio Mom/Mammaw said...

Good ideas! I especially like the look outside the shed. I could see the kids spending time there.

I love the planter boxes and always hve liked to see white fence like you showed. Your place is going to be spectacular!

Lauren Rachelle said...

Love your blog! White vinyl fencing is a bit pricey but timeless, while adding a clean cut look. An idea--my dad made flower boxes for my windows out of the vinyl fencing, so they would never require an annual paint. Of course I posted about :)

White Fence said...

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