Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Tractor

Scot and B on Larry's tractor

Our friend, Larry, brought his tractor to help us do some work on the land. Scot and Larry worked hard pulling roots and stumps out of the ground. They also used the box blade to level the ground around the ditch. It looks great!
Things that would have taken a whole day were done in just a few hours with the power of the tractor! We are so thankful to have friends willing to help.

Thanks, Larry, for your time and the use of your tractor!

I think Scot really enjoyed driving the tractor! I know it won't be too long before we will "have to have one" too! Of course, B got a chance to drive too. How cute is he standing there steering all by himself?

E and B were such good helpers today.
I love to see him stand like this!
They love going out to the land. I know when we actually start building the house, they will be right there pounding nails, painting and anything else we will allow them to do!

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