Thursday, September 4, 2008

Our first building project

We spent Labor Day out at the land and we started BUILDING!

OK... so it was just a fort, but at least it was something, right??!!

While Scot was mowing at the road, E and B helped me clear some things along the tree line. There were lots of fallen limbs and overgrown weeds that needed to go. As we moved several large limbs, we could tell that there was a large open space that went back to the fence.

We made our way through the trees and stickers to check it out. It reminded me of adventures I had with my Uncle when I was little. Doug is 9 years older than me and was more like a big brother. Every Sunday afternoon, we went to my great-grandmother's house out in the country. We had lots of adventures in the fields and the woods...building tunnels and forts, solving mysteries..doing all those fun things that kids do when they use their imaginations! Seeing this area in our own woods (tree line), took me right back to those care-free days.

As I shared some stories of these adventures, my kids decided they wanted to build a fort too! I was more than happy to help!

After doing a little more clearing by hand, we decided we needed some more tools. E ran to get some rakes and told her daddy what we were planning. I think he was just as excited as they were.... he jumped right in and started clearing a path for the entrance.

Then, he had the best idea ever....

Talk about clearing an area for the fort!

The smile on their faces says it all!

Oh, and after the kids and I left, Scot made a little tunnel for ONE of the entrances...yes, this is a big fort...two whole rooms! I will have to take some pictures of that when we go back out there.

We may not have started building our house yet, but we are definitely building special memories .... and honestly, we had as much fun as they did!

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