Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Breakfast Room Tree

I love to decorate for Christmas and enjoy putting up trees in all the different rooms. Of course, we have not had this much room for extra trees until now! I had a few trees that we have used in the kids room, but none for the kitchen, foyer, dining room, etc. I did not want to spend a crazy amount of money to buy any either especially since it was a want and not a need!

So I will share my stories of how I have found a few trees so far!

I went to the Rescue Mission and found this tree for my breakfast room.

It was a pre-lit tree and they were asking $20 for it. We tested to see if the lights worked and since they did not, they marked it down to $5. I snatched it up knowing I could just add my own lights. My sweet husband cut off all the strands for me! We re-strung the tree and added red and green ornaments. Pretty awesome for only $5, don't you think!

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