Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Goodness of God (B's vanity take 2)

We bought a vanity on clearance from our favorite home improvement store several months ago. I told you about it here. We had them hold it until we needed it. Unfortunately, there was a mix up and they sold it! Thankfully, they refunded us the $50 we paid for it.

We went back to our favorite store to look for another vanity for B's bathroom. We did not find any on clearance so we were going to just bite the bullet and pay the $169 for a new vanity plus sink. (The other one did not have a sink it was just the vanity.)

The guy who was helping us knew our story and hated what had happened. He offered 10% off this vanity. So that helped a little it was just not the $50 we had paid for the other one!

We went to the front of the store to wait for him to bring the vanity to us so we could pay and be on our merry way. When he got up there, he started smiling. He said you are not gonna believe this, but the only one we have left is the floor model. Scot said no problem will you discount it even more than the 10%? The guy said well it also has a small busted area on the back of the cabinet (which will be against the wall and no one will ever see). He said let me see what I can do for you since it is also "damaged". He talked with the store manager and they sold it to us for $50!!!!

The exact amount we had paid for the other vanity that did not even have a sink with it!

All we can say is GOD IS GOOD! What a blessing that was! We were not out any more money and really came out ahead because we did not have to pay for a sink! WOW...I still can not tell this story without tears streaming down my face. God's goodness is so overwhelming at times!

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