Tuesday, December 7, 2010

OSB and Porches

 The OSB is almost  finished. I cannot believe how fast it starts to take shape!

We were able to walk through the house today. I had a bunch of mixed feelings as we went through. Some rooms looked small and others looked way big. It is funny how your eye tricks you that way. I keep having to tell myself that once the sheet rock is on it will be a more true reading of how it will be.

Today, they finished the OSB and built the headers and columns for the porches. They also ordered the floor joist for the upstairs. I believe they will start on the second floor tomorrow...I think?

I did not take a lot of pictures because we only stayed for a few minutes. It was cold out there and we were on our way to town. I will try to get better ones tomorrow.


Chantelle - ThousandSquareFeet said...

When we were in the building process for our current house, I took a lot of pictures at the framing stage - and I am so glad I did. A stud finder is not always the most accurate tool in finding studs, especially in corners or funny spots. All those pictures I took of the framing came in quite handy - with one look, we knew if there was a stud or not!

Amanda said...

What a great idea! I never would have thought of that, but you are right they will be a handy way to find the studs.

Having to find studs to hang things on the wall will be something I have to get used to in this house. At our old house, we had solid wood walls because it was built in 1908! We could hang things anywhere we wanted.

I did not realize you had built a house before...you are a PRO! You will have to share your "wish I would have done it differently and will this time around" advice.

Ohio Mom/Mammaw said...

It is so exciting to see the progress coming together so quickly. Since the building experience is so recent, I can identify with your feelings. Sometimes the rooms look huge and sometimes tiny. It is all in the way the eye travels. Each time there is a change such as adding dry wall, the eye sees a different perspective.
All I can say is that I walked that house in my mind so many times that when we did move in, I felt as if we had lived there for years and it was very comfortable. I want that for you all. Enjoy the ride!!!