Sunday, July 11, 2010

Clearance Chandelier

The picture below does not do this chandelier justice! It really is a beautiful silver and glass fixture that will look perfect in the girls room (or maybe in their bathroom?) Either way, it has the "fancy" feel that they are wanting.

We were super excited to find it on clearance for $39. Regular price was $159.00! We are so thankful for the ways we have been able to save money here and there on items we will be needing to buy soon.

We also found something HUGE on clearance and saved a ton of money on it! It is still at the store waiting to be picked up but when we get it, I will take a picture to share with you and give you all the details.

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clearance chandeliers said...

Thanks for sharing the joy you have in building your dream home. That chandelier is beautiful.