Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Living Room Ideas

I love the warm cozy feel that these pictures portray of a family room.

I want to have lots of windows in the living room so we can enjoy the fantastic view of our land.

These dark matchstick roman shades really warm up the windows, don't they? I think I would just have to try it out in our house to see how I would like it in my own home, but in this picture I love it! I also love the Carmel color couch!

Scot loves the exposed beams. I am not sure if we will do it or not, but I like the look in this room.

In this picture, I love the arched doorway that leads to the kitchen.

Note: I have lots of pictures like these that I have saved over the years. I am not sure where I got all of them, but the one above comes from Southern Living's website. They have such great style ideas!

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