Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Day 2 on the Shed/Garage

The dirt man came out pretty early this morning. Thankfully, Scot took the camera and was able to document for me today.

Scot used Larry's tractor again to help spread it all out.

Starting to build the trenches for the forms.

I know Scot is so thankful to have little machines like this compactor - can you imagine doing it the old fashion way??!

B is loving being out there with his daddy. What a good helper he has been!

E has also enjoyed getting in on the action! She loves to be daddy's helper as much as B does.

Here is how it looked after the compacting work was complete.

Now we are ready for another load of dirt and will have to do it all over again tomorrow!


Karis said...

So is the house in the background of two of the pictures your house? I'm sure that answer is in the posts you've written, but I haven't gone back through and read all of them even though I would like to. Maybe some day I will be able to do that because I would be interested to see how God made all of this happen.

Amanda said...

No it is our neighbor's house. We will not build our new house until we sell our current home. We are building a shed/garage first to mainly help with storage.