Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bathroom Mirrors!

I went to the mall by myself the other night. This is something that very rarely happens! I realized on this trip that I really need to do it more often. I am so much more productive when I don't have to take little ones to the bathroom a hundred times!

Well, since I did not have 4 extra sets of hands with me, I decided to go into Kirkland's. This is a store I love to go into, but I usually avoid because my little ones love to touch and pick up all the beautiful, breakable things! It makes me so nervous I just can't "enjoy" the store.

Anyway, I am so glad that I was able to go in and dream.... Honestly, I believe God lead me into the store that night. They were having a sale on their green tagged items. I have found many things in their scratch and dent sale. It is usually something that a can of spray paint or hot glue can fix and make as good as new!

I looked around a little and then made my way to area where they had all the damaged items. There leaning against the counter were 3 large mirrors. The mirrors were in tact and the frames had just a few scratches on them! I looked for the price tag expecting to see this beautiful framed mirror to be marked at least $50.00 (the original tag said $79.00). Boy, was I wrong! It was only $15.00 and so were the other 2...I was excited beyond belief! (Still am!)

These mirrors will be perfect over the vanities in the kids bathrooms! All I will need to do is prime and paint them! How awesome is that!

I couldn't help but compare prices. I went online and saw that at the local home improvement store, bathroom mirrors this size would easily cost us $100.00 each. What a blessing to get all 3 of them for $45.00!

I am so thankful that God takes care of us...even in little things like bathroom mirrors!

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