Monday, June 21, 2010

Sinks vs Vanities

I am not sure exactly which vanity/sink I will be choosing, but here are several that I have been looking at on the web.

I am drawn to the darker stained cabinets. ( I love the bathtub in this picture, don't you?)

The girls will need one with double sinks. I like the idea of the open storage on the bottom.

This looks old fashion to me for some reason. Either way, I love the bulkiness of it. Very classic.

I love this one with the storage shelves underneath...and again double sinks.


Beth said...

Ok, here are my opinions...You know I've got 'em and love to share 'em (even when people don't want 'em) :-)

Love, Love, Love everything about the second picture......I want that bathroom!!!!!! The windows with the arch, the black mirror and vanity, the tub, the door with the black knob, the black and white tile floors, the candles in the window........Amazing!!!!

The third pic. was gorgeous too! I love that style.....The black molding and chunky mirror...The vanity is wonderful; however, it has no storage :-(
Love the legs on it though.....I think that I see a toile shower curtain in the mirror.....Definitely my style!

Oh No, I love the last pic too.....Now I realize your dilemma......Double sinks are a plus. I love the fixtures on the vanity..very old-fashioned. I don't know if I could keep all of that open storage tidy, but it's pretty with the baskets.

Amanda said...

Thanks Beth for your opinions! I love hearing them. That is one of the reasons I have been putting ideas on here so I can get some feedback.

There are so many great styles and products to choose from and having to decide on just one is hard sometimes!!!! Of course, cost is a factor so that helps make the decision at times :)

Sometimes I wonder if it is even possible to have a beautiful "magazine" space without spending thousands of dollars...I am definitely trying to though!