Saturday, May 7, 2011

Home Tour - Homeschool Room

I showed you the homeschool door yesterday now here is a peak inside....

Yes I know it is bright :) The kids picked out the color and I approved! It is so fun and cheerful. It is a room you want to be in - well at least a room where you don't mind being in since you have to anyway for school!

I think the color will make a fun background when we get all the school necessities put up such as bulletin boards and decorations!

I have so many ideas for this room. It won't be completely ready for this school year since we only have a few more weeks left, but by August, we will have built in desks and shelving units!

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Christa said...

I love this color! Would you mind sharing the name and brand? We're about to paint our homeschool room and we're looking for something bright and cheerful without being too neon and this color looks like a good fit. -Christa