Sunday, November 14, 2010

Stylish School Room

I love the set-up of this space. It looks so stylish too! Lots of places to display their works of art and personal things while still being able to share the space.

Notice how everything goes all the way up to the ceiling...great use of space! The clear chairs are just too cool!


Teej said...

I Love what you have done here. It's beautiful. I was looking for a way to set up my homeschool space and I'd love to follow your desighn. And I love the color.

Anonymous said...


I'm preparing a room in my home for schooling my daughters at home beginning next fall. I've been looking online for ideas and I came across your room. It looks beautiful. I was wondering if I could ask you 2 questions. Firstly, I was wondering where you purchased the clear chairs and what they are called so maybe I could find them or something similar. And second, is that a drawer that comes out with the laptop inside? Is it designed for that purpase? I'd like to find a drawer to attach under a table top for a laptop to be placed inside. It would be nice if the drawer front would tip down but that's probably asking too much. Anyway. I've looked at Ikea and havent found anything like this.

Thank you in advance for any information you're able to share.


Julie from Minnesota

Silver Fox said...

Julie from Minnesota

Amanda said...

This was actually an inspirational picture where I was collecting ideas as we were building our house. I looked on line and found clear chairs but they were quite expensive for our budget. My husband ended up building our desks. He was able to customize them for what met our needs.