Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Kitchen Pendant Lights

I have found a few different lights for over the island. Here aer my top two. Which do you like best?



Anonymous said...

Are you planning on stainless appliances, black, or white? I think #2 is my favorite. It seems like it would be easier to clean and change bulbs.


Beth said...

Since you asked...... ;-)
I liked #2 the best. You can always count on me for an opinion. Sometimes I even give them when I am not asked; however, that usually gets me into trouble. I am getting too old to care though. Ha Ha

Amanda said...

The second one is my favorite too. Although I do think that in the right space the school house looking pendant would look great too!

Delia, we are using stainless steel appliances. Did ya'll build your house?

Anonymous said...

Hey, Amanda,
No, we did not build it, but got a great deal since it was a builder foreclosure. It has been a wonderful house so far, and the only major change that I would like to make is to take out the current small island in the kitchen to put in a large rectangular one. I have only posted a few pics on facebook, but will send you some if you would like to see it.

I have enjoyed seeing all of your planning pictures. They have given me some decorating ideas.
Miss you!

Scot said...

We are doing the same as Delia with a large island. In fact, this island is going to be so enormously HUGE that it is an injustice to call it a mere "island", so i have appropriately renamed it a "CONTINENT"! (Amanda doesn't think it is as funny as i do!!!)